Wendy quietly walked in her mum’s room and knocked over her vase “Wendy!” she shouted “sorry” Wendy went in Jerry’s room her brother and knocked over his lego castle, “Wendy!” he shouted “sorry”, She wanted to make friends again so she made a tasty chocolate cake, thank you Wendy , we are sorry as well, I love you”.

Pirate Pete

A long time ago there was a Pirate called Pete. Pete was a cook and cleaner Pete was always hot when he was at his job. When Pete was cleaning he heard Captain slog say “Arrrg go find me some treasure” he said to molly coddle,jim jam. When they were loking for treasure they heard a loud BANG and they got stuck on some
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Captain Sam

Once upon a time there was a red pirate called Captain Sam and his crew were called Molly Tom, Tom Tim,  Solly Slug, Cook Cookey, Pest Pes, Bom Pom , Silk Silky, Wendy,  Bat Fat, Cop Coppy, Breakfast, Feet Pete, Bot Pot, Potty Pop and Kat Bot who is a robot. “Kat Bot, where are the blue pirates?” asked Captain Sam. “I’ll check it
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princess molly and her friends

Once upon a time there was a princess called Molly she had 3 sisters called Isabelle,gemma and finally Poppy. Molly met some more princess when she was going to the ball in Manchester,Molly was 27 years old and Isabelle,Gemma and Poppy were around 27. The princesses who were there were called Hannah and Emily when they saw each other they went shopping with each
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Doom of Dinosaurs

A monster dinosaur saves the world.
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The great fairy holly bolly chapter 1

One day at fairy kingdom holly bolly was sitting there on her little stool in her room (in her house.) Her mum dolly daferdil came in and quietly said “holly bolly go and play with all the other fairies it is silly to be stuck inside alone , get some fresh air”.” When you were a small fairytiddler I thought you were going to
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The seasons

seasons,seasons,seasons winter,summer,autum,spring winter with a frosty ring summer with bright sunshine autum when leaves come off trees spring when new lambs are born oh how i love the seasond i hope you do too.

lovely Lucy saves the day

there once was a fairy called daisy but everyone called her doofy daisy because she was always was making mistakes and forgetting  things. one day she was in such a hurry that she forgot to put her glasses on! that day she bumped into all sorts of fairies. grumpy Greta happy Hannah scientific Sarah bendy Becca lovely Lucy and efficient Enid and worst of all quality queen. quality sent her home to pack and go to another realm. but lovely Lucy saved the
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Back at Malory Towers – Chapter One

Nursing Felicity took a deep breath and stepped into the taxi. Felicity was going back to Malory Towers, but as a doctor. a friendly matron! She nibbled on some chocolate and eventually fell asleep.zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz! Finally she arrived at Malory Towers. She paid the taxi driver, and then walked up the drive. Slowly, Felicity pushed the huge doors open, and hurried down the
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