CEDAR Book One 19810 When Anabell, a seventeen – year – old girl from Austria, is told they’re moving, she doesn’t want to go. What girl would? A seemingly boring move, across the world as it was, couldn’t have been anything more than normal. It was just for her parent’s work, wasn’t it? But there is something else close in the forest. Too close
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Subject 666

My names is James Ward, Captain James Ward, though I suppose that title is useless to me now. I’m not a normal man about to reach his thirties. I used to be until….. It happened. They said joining the tests could have side effects but never did I imagine that the damage could be so large. One simple injection could lead to an extinction
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First Time For Everything

We all have that special tale of meeting our first love.
Here is mine, enjoy.
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The Lighthouse

It wasn’t the typical place for a writer with his talent to go to when he had writers block but to him it felt like home. He had been there once as a kid and since then he can always remember the chill he’d feel as he walked through the door. This was his palace, his sacred place that nobody could touch. It was
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The trip to London (Part 1)

An everyday coach trip down to London, the heart of England goes mysteriously wrong. Read more to understand.
Part 1 of a 2 part short story.
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