Age Rating Guide

Here at ShareMyStories, we want to find a balance between ensuring parents can be absolutely confident that the stories their children are reading are suitable and appropriate, with the need to allow young writers some leeway with their creativity and writing.

We reject many stories each month because of content which is not suitable, but it is clear that there is some point where, whilst the stories themselves cause no offense, some of the themes of the stories may not be entirely suitable for younger readers.

With this in mind, we have introduced a rating system for stories, which I hope you will find useful for judging whether a story is entirely suitable for your child or not.

Our Age Ratings

PG Rating

PG Rating

PG Rated stories are generally suitable for all audiences, but may contain scary elements or elements that our very youngest readers may find worrying. Parental viewing of these stories is advised if the story is being read by early to mid primary age children.



13 Plus Rating

13 Plus Rating

13 Plus Rated stories contain themes which our youngest readers will almost certainly find worrying. They may contain more mature themes or be quite scary. They may also include references to mildly violent acts (although graphic violence is not permitted at all). These stories are NOT adult in nature, but we recommend a reading age of over 13 to ensure they are entirely suitable. With parental discretion these stories may be acceptable for late primary and early secondary age children.


REST ASSURED, the rules of the site still apply. No stories submitted should cause offense to children reading them, but you may feel that you do not wish your child reading stories with certain content, such as brief references to acts of violence or scary themes.

On a personal note, my daughter reads all stories which I am concerned about and have not rejected outright (yes, even those we have rated for 13 and over), and take her advice seriously when judging which stories to allow to be submitted.

If you have any comments on our rating system, if you feel that any content which is available for reading should not be on the site at all, or you have any ideas for ways we can improve the experience for our young readers, please get in touch using the form below.