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CEDAR Book One 19810 When Anabell, a seventeen – year – old girl from Austria, is told they’re moving, she doesn’t want to go. What girl would? A seemingly boring move, across the world as it was, couldn’t have been anything more than normal. It was just for her parent’s work, wasn’t it? But there is something else close in the forest. Too close
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Wendy quietly walked in her mum’s room and knocked over her vase “Wendy!” she shouted “sorry” Wendy went in Jerry’s room her brother and knocked over his lego castle, “Wendy!” he shouted “sorry”, She wanted to make friends again so she made a tasty chocolate cake, thank you Wendy , we are sorry as well, I love you”.

The Relocation

After the war, my city decided that we should all act the same, for survival and our wellbeing. If we don’t, then we are relocated. But I don’t agree.

When Rose discovers a house full of objects she doesn’t recognise and a mysterious boy, she begins to question the soundness of her city’s rules.
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The Void

They thought electricity would save the world, they were wrong.
Rosie and her friends have survived the Void, but that’s not all. They have lost everything there is to lose, and now they’re fighting for the survival of the human race.
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Pirate Pete

A long time ago there was a Pirate called Pete. Pete was a cook and cleaner Pete was always hot when he was at his job. When Pete was cleaning he heard Captain slog say “Arrrg go find me some treasure” he said to molly coddle,jim jam. When they were loking for treasure they heard a loud BANG and they got stuck on some
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Captain Sam

Once upon a time there was a red pirate called Captain Sam and his crew were called Molly Tom, Tom Tim,  Solly Slug, Cook Cookey, Pest Pes, Bom Pom , Silk Silky, Wendy,  Bat Fat, Cop Coppy, Breakfast, Feet Pete, Bot Pot, Potty Pop and Kat Bot who is a robot. “Kat Bot, where are the blue pirates?” asked Captain Sam. “I’ll check it
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Doom of Dinosaurs

A monster dinosaur saves the world.
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The Lighthouse

It wasn’t the typical place for a writer with his talent to go to when he had writers block but to him it felt like home. He had been there once as a kid and since then he can always remember the chill he’d feel as he walked through the door. This was his palace, his sacred place that nobody could touch. It was
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This story isn’t finished
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War Days Chapter 1

I stood in my own room wondering what had happened there were bombs setting off in every direction. My heart was pumping faster than ever ,the deep blue sky loomed in front of me and my bones began to tingle. Nothing had ever been worse I tirelessly held on to my bed then I fell asleep my mind came to a halt. Was this really
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The Lost Letter (Chapter 2)

 The Bus She grabbed her bag swung it over her shouldered ran out of the House.    Waiting for the bus about a mile from the cottage. She sat down in silent wondering where will she go she realised “were ever the next bus goes that’s were I will start my new life”   But as soon as the bus gets there waiting for
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The Child Under The Stairs

So, here I am. Stuck under the stairs, and the surprise is I actually get to tell the story of how I got here. This is how it goes€¦ me and Jessica, that€™s my best friend, were walking along when we saw the beach looming ahead. We carried on walking through tall trees and low branches, stepping over tree roots and small animals which
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the fox and the big bad monster

one day a little fox was running through the wood and sudenly a great big furry thing sruck in front of him he was so worried he didnt know what to do so he had an idea he would tell the monster that this big bad person was coming to town and was looking for some big black monster to kill so off he
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