Stories about: Animals

Lions in the Serengeti

This is my first paragraph of a book about a lion cub living in the Serengeti
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The Hippo Who Put On A Fashion Show

One day Henrietta the Hippo was bored.   So bored that she had an idea to put on a fashion show.   She lived in a zoo so she invited her friends to put it in with her.   Henrietta the Hippo wore a bikini.   Marty the Monkey wore moon boots.   Sid the Snake wore a silk scarf.   Georgina the Giraffe
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The Crocodile Who Went Shopping

One day a crocodile went to the shoe shop. He wanted some shoes. He tried on some trainers, but he did not like them because they were too sporty. Then he tried on some party shoes, but he did not like them because they were too fancy. Then the shop keeper said “Why dont you try these on?” They’re perfect what are they called?
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The Bear Who Liked Cake

One day a little bear was walking in the forest when he saw an enormous piece of cake. At once he ate the cake in one big gulp! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, he said. Then he went home.

Don’t Worry

I slowly took one step further into the silent woods. My breathing started to become shallow as I forced myself to take another small step. My chocolate brown fur puffed up, making me look slightly bigger than I really was. The trees were tall, each holding a large, bushy cluster of branches and leaves at there tops. Each blade of grass poked at my
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Paws Within the Stars

Within every star is a soul. Every living creature’s soul rises from its deceased body, and reaches the world above us. As it does, its soul begins to change. The deceased creature’s soul turns into everything that was great about that once living creature. Its soul turns into a shining star, where it now watches over its friends and family. In the safety of
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Welcome Back, Shadow

I curled my small body into a tight ball. My cold body shivered as the freezing breeze rushed past my pale skin. The rock hard forest ground was the home to many bugs, who all seemed to be waiting for a young child’s death. I breathed very slowly. Everything around me was pitch black. I could only see the faint outline of trees and
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Howling the Song of Autumn

A soft orange colored lea rocked gently with the wind. After clinging on to its tree for so long, the little leaf finally gave up. It slowly make its way to the frosty ground. The moment its pointy stem touched the frost covered ground, the peace of the falling leaves vanished. “Die, leaf! Die!” A small white paw swiftly batted the leaf back into
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Cat Fight

I slowly stalked through the dense forest. The sweet smell of squirrels and birds filled the crisp forest air. I shook my head, forgetting my urge to hunt. I had another task to face. I bunched up my muscles, and in a single leap, jumped over a large fallen tree. Landing heavily on all four of my paws, I continued to walk along the
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