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This poem was inspired by a topic we did in English a couple weeks back where we had to look at poems from three different eras of London . I and my friend wrote this and hope you enjoy it ! <3
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America VS Japan

A poem about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and the American bombings oh Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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The Island

A poem about St Agnes, the smallest island in the Scilly Isles.
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Life is a Challenge

As a child, you believe life is great. You never seem to realize your regretful fate. You laugh, smile, and have a blast! Oh why doesn’t that good time last? Within a moment, your world crumbles. In that moment, your world rumbles. You now understand, yet you just can’t, Get a grasp on that simple rant. Is life suppose to be joyful and sweet?
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I Guess It’s All Up To You

Look up, Right into my eyes. Stand up, Like a sunrise. Speak up, Challenge my lies. And don’t step down! Don’t let my words change the way you feel. My hatred towards you isn’t even real. I need to make up for things that have been done to me. I always thought I couldn’t be who I wanted to be. It’s too late for
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The Trip

Our classes are walking, Walking in a wood. Our classes are walking, Stomping through the mud. We are going on a trip, A trip to the seaside. We are going on a trip, chocolate or sweets, I can’t decide. But suddenly, but suddenly, We start to rock gently. But suddenly, but suddenly, My stomach turned uncomfortably. Where are we now? When did this occur? Where are
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a wise old owl

A wise old owl lived in an oak the more he saw the less he spoke the less he spoke the less he heard why carnt we all be like the wise old bird 

The seasons

seasons,seasons,seasons winter,summer,autum,spring winter with a frosty ring summer with bright sunshine autum when leaves come off trees spring when new lambs are born oh how i love the seasond i hope you do too.