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Do you love to write short children’s stories? Then Share My Stories is for you! If you are a budding author aged 4 – 99 you can now write, read and discuss your short children’s stories with friends and family around the world. Creating an account takes seconds and you can get publishing straight away….

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  • Teachers

    We love books, we love reading and we love to make up stories – and we want to inspire that passion in others.
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  • Parents

    Here at Share My Stories we want children to get excited about reading and writing. That has been our key aim since we first thought of the idea.
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  • Authors

    Welcome to our authors, if you are here and you have found us, we are so glad you have.

    We are looking forward to gathering the most incredible collection of stories by young people that has ever been seen, and we want you to be a part of it.
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