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By Nischyboo

The city of London is a wonderful place,

Full of happiness, glee, and grace,

A world of opportunity; innovation and chase,

For the best of everything (it’s really a maze).


London really is a joyful place to be,

Filled with joy, happiness, and glee,

Every corner turned you see another girl laugh,

While shameless, tourists take photographs.


Camden town is really busy,

While looking up at the Shard makes you dizzy,

The underground trains full of chatter,

Happen to be the second home to all those who natter.


The dirty old Thames,

Slashes at the rocks like icy knives,

All the while harlots swish their locks,

Politicians squawk, their lies while the birds talk.


The smiles of every race,

Radiating from every face,

But this is what we choose to see,

Deliberately turning blind to all else made by he.


Poverty, abuse, and homelessness,

Hide behind billboards advertising expensive games,

A society so ‘perfect’ that only the rich will ever gain.


The pain and sorrow planted like seed

The freezing heat put on you to succeed,

Wondering if the illusion will ever cease,

And whether it could bring this great city to its knees


The city of London is a wonderful place,

Full of false hope, sadness, and disgrace,

A world of opportunity and innovation to those who can pay,

But what can I say … it’s always been this very way.


by Angel Edwards and Nischel Lewis


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