Welcome to Share My Stories

Peter Hudson

My name is Peter Hudson and I am the creator of Share My Stories. I’m an IT teacher and a parent to two beautiful girls. I’ve been married for over 13 years and I love stories.

My first idea for the site came about because my daughter, who is an avid reader of books and story writing, asked if she could get her stories published. She said her friends might like to put their stories up too… oh and could they vote on each others stories and have a little place to chat about them…

And the idea was born!

I see the pleasure my children get from reading and writing and wondered if others might feel the same way too. My  hope is that I can create a site, where young children are encouraged and rewarded for reading and writing, and hopefully I can encourage more children to take up their ‘pen’ and write!

The internet can be a scary place, but as an IT teacher I believe that it offers a fantastic opportunity for children to share their creativity, and as long as we take our responsibilities seriously, children can enjoy a fantastic and safe experience online.

You will find as part of the site a long privacy policy and some terms of use, but I hope I can make these simpler by saying my intention is simply to provide a safe place for my children and yours to share and discuss their stories. My site is free to use.

I have put into place many safe guards to ensure that stories and comments which are posted are appropriate and you also have the ability to flag innapropriate content to me.

As with all things, I encourage you to sit with your child whilst they use the site. Obviously older children appreciate some independence, but it is sensible for all parents to take an interest in what their child is doing on the internet.

I have some great plans for the site – and I hope you will share our site with others!

If you have any concerns, absolutely any at all, feel free to email me at