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Paws Within the Stars


Within every star is a soul. Every living creature’s soul rises from its deceased body, and reaches the world above us. As it does, its soul begins to change. The deceased creature’s soul turns into everything that was great about that once living creature. Its soul turns into a shining star, where it now watches over its friends and family. In the safety of the world above our heads, that soul spends the rest of eternity of joy and happiness, only working to guide those it has left behind.
The souls of our past pet companions are in the world above us, too. They are happy. Your pets are bouncing through tall grass, rolling around with new friends, and eating whatever their hearts’ desire. The stars of our pets provide warm sunshine, never to let your friend shiver or freeze. This place is every living creature’s paradise. This is what your pets are always waiting for during their lives; they were waiting for their deaths so they can join others among the stars.
Though our past pets have moved on to the world above us, and are all very happy, they know that they are missing something. They all had to leave their best friends behind. They watch as you mourn over them, as you recover from your grief. They watch as you attempt to mend your broken heart with a furry replacement. They watch as you grow and make mistakes. Your companions are awaiting your time. The life within the stars is a wonderful place to be. There are no worries, no stress no pain. This place is always full of things to do, friend to play with. Yet your pets feel as if it is empty. They are still waiting for their owner, their companion, their best friend, and their family to join them.

One day, your pet will be watching as something new happens. The story will go a little something like this: She’s lying on the soft ground, her tail wrapped around her body. She tilts her head to the side as she watches you, wondering what is happening to her beloved owner. She watches as you fall to the ground with a thump. She watches as you breathe your last breath. Suddenly, she realizes what is going on. She jumps to her paws, and begins to squeak happily. She jumps and spins, unable to control the excitement that fills her body. Her body is shaking uncontrollably.
Your pet, that had left you behind so long ago, never forgot you. She watches as your soul rises from the ground. She watches as everything that was great about you begins to shine. A new star forms, right next to the animal. For a moment, nothing happens. The world is full with an eerie silence.
Then she pricks his ears. She hears footsteps begin to pound, getting louder and louder as they get closer. Your pet races towards the footsteps, throwing her body into the air. She races into your arms, covering your face in many little kisses. You hold your pet close, staring into your pet’s bright eyes. A silent promise passes between you two.
“We’ll never be parted again.” The promise lives on. You and your pet, companion, and best friend are together at last. And nothing will ever tear your two apart again. Hand in paw, you and your pet spend the rest of eternity in the best possible way. Together.



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