Seasonal Words

Just a short story I wrote in year 8 , I’m in year 9 now and just wanted some constructive criticism on it <3
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This poem was inspired by a topic we did in English a couple weeks back where we had to look at poems from three different eras of London . I and my friend wrote this and hope you enjoy it ! <3
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Lions in the Serengeti

This is my first paragraph of a book about a lion cub living in the Serengeti
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Wendy quietly walked in her mum’s room and knocked over her vase “Wendy!” she shouted “sorry” Wendy went in Jerry’s room her brother and knocked over his lego castle, “Wendy!” he shouted “sorry”, She wanted to make friends again so she made a tasty chocolate cake, thank you Wendy , we are sorry as well, I love you”.


Karasu was chosen to be part of an inhumane experiment. Can she survive in the magical prison, monoark? This story is unfinished. If it gains popularity, the rest will be uploaded.

princess molly and her friends

Once upon a time there was a princess called Molly she had 3 sisters called Isabelle,gemma and finally Poppy. Molly met some more princess when she was going to the ball in Manchester,Molly was 27 years old and Isabelle,Gemma and Poppy were around 27. The princesses who were there were called Hannah and Emily when they saw each other they went shopping with each
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The Lighthouse

It wasn’t the typical place for a writer with his talent to go to when he had writers block but to him it felt like home. He had been there once as a kid and since then he can always remember the chill he’d feel as he walked through the door. This was his palace, his sacred place that nobody could touch. It was
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The Hippo Who Put On A Fashion Show

One day Henrietta the Hippo was bored.   So bored that she had an idea to put on a fashion show.   She lived in a zoo so she invited her friends to put it in with her.   Henrietta the Hippo wore a bikini.   Marty the Monkey wore moon boots.   Sid the Snake wore a silk scarf.   Georgina the Giraffe
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The Bear Who Liked Cake

One day a little bear was walking in the forest when he saw an enormous piece of cake. At once he ate the cake in one big gulp! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, he said. Then he went home.

Don’t Worry

I slowly took one step further into the silent woods. My breathing started to become shallow as I forced myself to take another small step. My chocolate brown fur puffed up, making me look slightly bigger than I really was. The trees were tall, each holding a large, bushy cluster of branches and leaves at there tops. Each blade of grass poked at my
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Life is a Challenge

As a child, you believe life is great. You never seem to realize your regretful fate. You laugh, smile, and have a blast! Oh why doesn’t that good time last? Within a moment, your world crumbles. In that moment, your world rumbles. You now understand, yet you just can’t, Get a grasp on that simple rant. Is life suppose to be joyful and sweet?
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I Guess It’s All Up To You

Look up, Right into my eyes. Stand up, Like a sunrise. Speak up, Challenge my lies. And don’t step down! Don’t let my words change the way you feel. My hatred towards you isn’t even real. I need to make up for things that have been done to me. I always thought I couldn’t be who I wanted to be. It’s too late for
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The Trip

Our classes are walking, Walking in a wood. Our classes are walking, Stomping through the mud. We are going on a trip, A trip to the seaside. We are going on a trip, chocolate or sweets, I can’t decide. But suddenly, but suddenly, We start to rock gently. But suddenly, but suddenly, My stomach turned uncomfortably. Where are we now? When did this occur? Where are
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The Child Under The Stairs

So, here I am. Stuck under the stairs, and the surprise is I actually get to tell the story of how I got here. This is how it goes€¦ me and Jessica, that€™s my best friend, were walking along when we saw the beach looming ahead. We carried on walking through tall trees and low branches, stepping over tree roots and small animals which
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lovely Lucy saves the day

there once was a fairy called daisy but everyone called her doofy daisy because she was always was making mistakes and forgetting  things. one day she was in such a hurry that she forgot to put her glasses on! that day she bumped into all sorts of fairies. grumpy Greta happy Hannah scientific Sarah bendy Becca lovely Lucy and efficient Enid and worst of all quality queen. quality sent her home to pack and go to another realm. but lovely Lucy saved the
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