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By Story Master


We have been a little quiet for a while – busy working on a few new features. In fact there are quite a few things that we are in the process of working out we aren’t quite sure which to complete first.

We are working on a system to allow you to follow authors. This means that if you find an author you like, you can save them to a list making it easy to go back to them later. We think this will have a number of uses later on and we are quite excited about this. The bulk of this is done but we are looking at the ways this might work when rolled out on the site.

We also want to do an overhaul of the way we register users to make it possible for us to have a variety of different types of user. For example we could like to have ‘senior’ writers, that is writers who are older than 13 but want to write children’s stories. We have had a few requests for this and think it is a great idea. It might be possible to also have guest writers. With this increased flexibility it should be possible to have teacher accounts etc allowing teachers to register themselves and to follow classes of authors.

We are trying to work on the look of the site – although this is taking a bit of time. We’d really like to create a great looking front page – but we are finding it difficult to find a look that we like. Any graphic artists out there that would like to offer us a little help?

Any feedback would be hugely appreciated and we thank you for your continued support.

Anyway – back to it. Keep posting stories!!


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