Moving Forward….

By Story Master


Hi, on our immediate list of things to do is to allow teachers a simple way of registering. We don’t really want to allow registrations from everyone – for example in the case of parents, they can view and feed back as they need to and they can also watch their ‘authors’ as they view the site.

We think it may benefit teachers however if they can get a little more access…so coming soon  – teachers registration. What do you think? Is that worth pursuing?

To tie into that we would like to add some sort of ‘author follow’ system.  This would be great for authors as they could create a list of their friends/favourite authors to make them easier to find. It would also be beneficial perhaps to teachers who could create a list of their pupils..?

We also really want to improve the ‘look’ of my front page. Unfortunately we have no graphic designer… I think that is perfectly clear…

If anyone has any ideas or is even willing to give us some support in this we would be very grateful.


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