Rory’s Story Cubes

By Story Master

Story Cubes

We came across these brilliant little cubes last year and thought they were fantastic. They come in a very small box (just big enough to fit the nine dice inside snugly).

On the face of each side of the dice is a small image. The images show a variety of different pictures which relate in some way to storytelling. Rolling the dice collectively shows the person ‘playing’ a variety of images, which in a basic game they need to connect by telling a story.

Story Cubes Voyages

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These cubes are getting great  reviews. They can be used as presents for individual kids, in education to stimulate writing skills and creativity, for language therapy, to play games together… the possibilities are endless and from such a really simple idea.

There a variety of different packs available. The original pack includes a range of basic images of a variety of types… like a bee, a phone, a dice etc. The voyages pack includes more adventurous images such as a boat, a monkey, mountains and so on… these take the stories in more adventurous directions. There is also an actions pack showing different activities – catching a butterfly, breaking something, reading, pointing and so on. The packs can be mixed up to create a really diverse set of prompts.

Story Cubes LOTR

We love the flexibility of these cubes and they can be used to really expand vocabulary. If you see a picture of a dice, what does that make you think of in story terms for example??

We’ve played many games of ’round’ robin, with each person playing using the next image to continue the story, a different take on the traditional game.

The dice are well made, and feel weighty and sturdy in your hand.

We really recommend these as a small gift for the little author you love.

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