Story Monsters First Edition

By Story Master


We are now accepting submissions from our authors for our First Edition of story monsters. You can use the big ‘Star’ on the first page to get to the submission form, just click it and it will go.

Younger authors might need to get some help from parents.

To submit your monster you will need to draw an image of it and then scan it or take a photograph and then send it in using the form. At the same time you will need to fill in some additional information. For the amount of coins each monster costs and also the spark and bang numbers, we are still deciding on a way to make this fair, so for now we ‘may’ change the numbers that you put in here.

The description should be kept short as it needs to fit on the card Рwe may need to make a small edit ourselves if it is too long. We would also really appreciate it if the file size of the  image you send in was kept as small as possible.

We aren’t sure that we have got the ¬†way that the monsters are submitted as good as it could be and we would really appreciate any feedback on how we might improve the process.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing your incredible imagination get to work on the first of our Story Monsters.



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