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Here at Share My Stories we want children to get excited about reading and writing. That has been our key aim since we first thought of the idea.

By Year 7, we have seen that lots of young people are no longer reading for pleasure, and don’t get excited about writing, seeing it as a chore rather than something enjoyable to do.

There are a number of reasons why this happens, but it was clear to us that we needed an approach which would reward creativity, make reading a less judgmental and a more social event, and try to give incentives which kids would get excited about.

We love books, we love reading and we love to make up stories – and we want to inspire that passion in others.

At Share My Stories, young people will find many ways to be involved, but all of which will help with many aspects of learning in a less pressured environment….. our focus is NOT on the standard of English writing or spelling, we want to leave that for the classroom, and is wholly focused on driving children to enjoy reading and writing for pleasure.

We believe that among many other things, benefits will include:

  • Improved social interaction with peers and others
  • Encouragement and reward to be creative in a safe environment
  • Ability to share writing and creations with others
  • Improved internet awareness
  • Improvement in basic maths skills
  • Opportunity to be recognised for creativity and story writing and share with friends and family

Children are able to share their short stories with others, gain ‘coins’ which can be spent on site content (collectable monster card created by the children themselves), create their own bookshelf of stories written by their friends and comment on others stories. We even have a very simple ‘like’ system for them to collect positive responses or give positive feedback to others.

We really hope that we can encourage as many young people to share their stories on our site. We will continue to work hard to add improvements over the coming months and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have to help us make a really positive impact.

We have a facebook page, especially for teachers and parents to use at www.facebook.co.uk/sharemystories , and a contact form is available on our site if you wish to get in contact.

Many thanks for giving us your time, and keep sharing stories!


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